Richerd Reynolds is a dynamic creative artist and visual communicator. Trained in illustration, graphic design, and photography, his creative career spans over two decades. His experience being the creative driving force for several diverse organizations across many different fields, has given him keen insights into many and varied markets.


As an illustrator and graphic designer he has experience creating many successful visual campaigns across a wide variety of fields, most recently doing creative design and product photography for Revlon Professional Canada. As a photographer working from his studio in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, he leverages his insights as a graphic designer to create images that are tailored to suit their final application. Whether it is for a print ad, brochure, magazine cover or digital marketing, he works with the end product in mind.


Richerd specializes in headshots, portrait, fashion and beauty photography.

 Although quite skilled with Photoshop, he prefers to get the image right, in camera, only relying on software to enhance his images, not to correct them.